About Kobe

Hi everyone! This is Kobe, the owner of Ko’s Corner.

高晓彤 is my Chinese name, pronounced Hiuting Ko in Cantonese. So yes, this store is named after my last name Ko! I was born and raised in Sunde, a small and beautiful town in Guangdong, China, which is famous for delicious Cantonese foods and Bruce Lee. When I was in middle school, my classmates started calling me Kobe, because of my unique last name "Ko" and the character "高B" from the famous TVB drama Welcome To The House. And of course, the boys in my class liked calling out my nickname because they are super fans of Kobe Bryant! Ever since then I go by Kobe.

(Me, my cute little cousin, and delicious foods from my hometown)

There were a lot of stationery and cheap accessory stores in my hometown. I love shopping at there and collecting all kinds of beautiful notebooks, stickers, wrapping paper, postcards and more. I was a little disappointed that we can't find these types of shops in the US.

My first stationery selling experience started in a mini flea market during a high school festival. I purchased a few boxes of postcards online and sold them to my school mates. I even designed and printed my own movie postcards! I earned 50 yuan. It was only $7 but enough for a high schooler at a public boarding school. I was so happy that I was able to share my favorite collections with other people!

(All the postcards I made and one of them is from my favorite movie - Midnight in Paris)
(Me and my silly besties after my selling victory lol)

I came to the U.S. in 2016. Everything has been going well with me! I made friends, met my love Telvin, finished my bachelor’s degree in marketing, found the perfect job…Of course the journey wasn’t easy, but “I'd rather not talk about it” XD.

(Jim's famous line from Telvin's favorite show Code Lyoko) 


(Left: Me and Telvin at cherry blossom festivel in Virginia Beach) 
(Middle: Me graduating from college)
(Right: Me and Telvin at Anime NYC - my favorite con!!)

...Then this year, the pandemic happened! While working from home and having more personal time, Telvin and our friends are starting their own businesses. I envied them so much, so I followed the trend XD and tried starting my own business too, even though having a stationery store was my retirement plan LOL. Here we go, Ko’s Corner is born! Welcome to my little corner and hope you guys enjoy shopping and love my collections of stationery!